Pink Poetry

It’s become a thing: I’ve written a poem for breast cancer awareness month every year since finishing treatment. I’ve found poetry quite therapeutic as an expressive art.


I wrote this poem today which you may relate to.  I used for the 2018 “Wear it Pink #55000 reasons” campaign to the Health Secretary to increase NHS funding for breast cancer.

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I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote this poem in about 10 minutes.  I have no idea where it came from, maybe I already wrote it in a dream and had to empty my subconscious mind onto paper.  Anyway, I like it:

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It’s breast cancer awareness month again and also 3 years since I finished chemotherapy. I really appreciated hats whilst on chemo and that’s exactly what this poem is about. I wrote this just after discovering that my adorable Mum was terminally ill.

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22/10/2021 “Wear it Pink” day 2021 with 2 new poems. The first is about cancer and how we hold on and let go along the way. The second is about writing as I found this really helpful after cancer. A celebration of words.