Thoughtful Bugs – postcards for healing

Art is really therapeutic for me and I wanted create art which I could share to help others. The sensitive side of our experience sometimes gets overlooked amidst the breast cancer “banter”. My artwork was inspired by my love of nature and photography and my captions from my own experience of breast cancer. Whilst enjoying photographing bugs, I felt that life seems easy when you’re a bug and made it my catchphrase.

**I make personal donations to charities including Breast Cancer Now**

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Thoughtful Bugs book

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An artistic, personal account of my mental health journey after a cancer diagnosis. “Our thoughts can feel like bugs whizzing around in our heads but if we observe them mindfully, perhaps we can start to make sense of them”. Each design shows the photographic inspiration, artwork and perspective.

Thoughtful Bugs postcards

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I’ve battled my way through lots of mental challenges since my diagnosis and I hope these thoughts and words help to brighten a difficult day for others. Sometimes seeing a new perspective can flip a switch and break unhelpful thought patterns.

Thoughtful Bugs gifts

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